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On Sunday, February 3rd, the New York Times ran this piece by Kristen Weld celebrating the decision by a Guatemalan judge to allow former Guatemalan dictator Efraín Ríos Montt to stand trial for his alleged participation in crimes including genocide during the early 1980s.

The story of the truce between the leaders of El Salvador’s major gangs was finally picked up by the New York Times yesterday. A journalist friend asked me what I thought of the truce – which has its supporters and its detractors among the Salvadoran people – and I wrote this brief response.

¡Que viva Guatemala! Hurray for Erick Barrondo, Guatemala’s first-ever Olympic medalist. What a story of courage and perseverance. And then he tops it off with a call to the youth of his country to reject violence and dream of something better.

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Here is a presentation I gave recently on “God, Gangs, and the Drug War in Central America” at St. Olaf College. It was aimed for a broad audience.

Here’s an interview (13 min) with Virginia Prescott of New Hampshire Public Radio’s daily show “Word of Mouth:” http://news.nhpr.org/post/homies-and-hermanos

Here’s a post with some reflections of mine after participating in a local expression of support for the Occupation movement: (10/9/2011 post on Wall Street Protests)

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